Air Cleaners

Industrial Air Cleaners

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Industrial Air Cleaner

Improving In-Plant Air Quality. Free-hanging air cleaners provide a better working environment in industrial facilities by filtering the ambient air of fine, airborne dust, smoke, mist, and fume. A single self-contained air cleaner can effectively filter the air in a small enclosed work area, while multiple air cleaners may also be installed at spaced intervals to create a planned air circulation pattern for regular whole room air exchange and filtration.

Features. With high-efficiency filter media, generous air flow rates (up to 12,000 CFM), and low air-to-cloth ratios, the F Series of Industrial Air Cleaners provides reliable, low-maintenance operation. Our entire line of air cleaners are designed for tool-free, easy filter replacement and high-efficiency performance. In addition, the F Series also offers optional blowers and multi-stage filters to fit all kinds of needs.

Available Models. The selection of industrial air cleaners from Airflow Systems Northwest includes a choice of filter systems: application-specific media, multi-stage filters, HEPA after-filters, and self-cleaning cartridge filters for heavy-duty applications. Air cleaners are available as free-hanging units, free-standing modular style, and even ducted or integrated with source capture arms.

Uses. Industries utilizing free-hanging air cleaners include wood products manufacturers, machine shops, auto repair facilities, and welding shops.

Commercial Air Cleaners

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Commercial Air Cleaner

An Inviting Atmosphere. Offices and break rooms, cafeterias and conference rooms benefit from the high-efficiency filtration and quiet operation of our commercial air cleaners. These units remove annoying smoke, odors, dust, and dirt from a broad range of business and public facilities.

Features. Washable pre-filters, a primary box filter, and optional HEPA after-filters combine to provide 99.97 filtration efficiency at noise levels as low as 42 dBa. The units may be conveniently concealed above ceilings, and their non-electrostatic design eliminates the problem of snapping and popping common with conventional electrostatic models.

Available Models. Commercial air cleaners from Airflow Systems Northwest include 200-600 CFM flush-mount ceiling units for individual offices, self-contained portable units up to 500 CFM, and air cleaners of up to 1500 CFM for larger facilities.

Uses. Commercial applications include offices, computer rooms, laboratories, conference rooms, break rooms, and cafeterias.