Dust Collectors

Portable Dust Collectors

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Portable Dust Collector

Powerful Help On the Spot. The Airflow Systems PCH Series provides outstanding performance and value. Our portable unit is a completely self-contained dust collector that is powerful, reliable, and easy to use.

Features. A portable needs to be truly portable, and the PCH dust collector is built for mobility with large casters, a heavy-duty, 25-foot power cord for a generous reach, and a low center of gravity for stability. The E-Z Arm High Flow Extractor is indeed easy to use — it moves smoothly into position and stays securely in place until adjusted again. Large-capacity cartridge filters are equipped with a self-cleaning system to deliver the dust straight to the drawer beneath for easy disposal. With the push of a button, the Vibra-Pulse provides unsurpassed filter cleaning for efficient performance and long filter life.

Available Models. Choices include the PCH Series of Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors as well as the Mini-Pac and Pac 91 Portable Units offering a variety of filter options, and single or dual arms. For needs of the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, Airflow Systems Northwest also offers portable dust collectors in all stainless steel construction.

Uses. Our line of portable dust collectors and air cleaners are at work in thousands of industrial operations filtering a wide range of contaminants, including dust, fumes, smoke, and mist. The PCH portable dust collector is used for grinding, welding, mixing and blending, graphite machining, and woodworking in industrial and school shops, tool rooms, maintenance facilities, food processing facilities, and pharmaceutical labs.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Cartridge Dust Collector

The Industrial “Catch-All” Dust Collector. The versatile cartridge filter dust collector is an excellent performer for a wide range of industrial dust collection needs. Handling fine to medium particulate from operations generating light to heavy loads, the cartridge collector is effective for many types of dust, including wood dust, composites, cement, dry powder, sand, plastic dust, welding smoke, and toner.

Features. The DC Series of Dust Collectors from Airflow Systems Northwest incorporates unique design features that add up to exceptional performance. Our innovative internal baffling creates a pre-separator, causing the heaviest material to drop straight to the drum, leaving more filter capacity for collecting the finer dust. This dust-handling feature enhances efficiency and extends filter life. In addition, the Vibra-Pulse cartridge cleaning system cleans filters 75% more effectively than reverse pulse systems, effectively handling even heavy dust loading, thus extending maintenance cycles and reducing downtime.

Available Models. Our DC Series of Dust Collectors includes single cartridge collectors at 650 CFM, up to 18-cartridge collectors as high as 6900 CFM. Airflow Systems Northwest also provides reverse-pulse central cartridge dust collector systems with up to 48 cartridges and 33,000 CFM. Our compact cartridge collectors may be placed indoors for filtering and recycling tempered air for energy savings. Large, multi-station operations may also be ducted to a central cartridge dust collector mounted outside the building.

Uses. Industrial processes utilizing cartridge dust collectors include grinding, sanding, welding or soldering, blasting, foundry, metal fabrication, powder coating, metalizing, and mixing. Cartridge collectors are also available in stainless steel construction for the needs of food processors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical industries.

Downdraft Tables & Benches

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Downdraft Table

Source Capture Made Easy. Self-contained downdraft tables with integral dust collectors are often the most cost-effective, user-friendly way to filter contaminants generated in industrial processes. Capitalizing on gravity, a downdraft table’s blower effectively pulls in all sizes of particulate, from fine, airborne dust and smoke (as from welding and soldering applications), to heavy, falling particles (as generated in sanding and grinding).

Downdraft tables maximize worker comfort and productivity by allowing freedom of movement, capturing contaminants away from the breathing zone and line of vision, and even accommodating the mounting of tool fixtures.

Features. Airflow Systems Northwest is proud to offer a selection of outstanding downdraft tables in various sizes, with a choice of cartridge filter dry dust collection, wet dust collection systems, or panel filters for fine dust and fumes. EasyBench Our DTH Series features an innovative internal baffling design that provides a built-in system for spark arrest and drop-out of the heavier dust; in addition, the Vibra-Pulse powerful filter cleaning system insures efficient performance and long filter life.

The Hydrotron DHYD Series, specifically designed for safe collection of potentially explosive and volatile materials, is a self-contained workstation with its own water dust collection system, which meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building. Our economical Easy Bench panel filter downdraft table is ideal for laboratory work and fine finishing processes, utilizing two standard 24” x 24” x 4” panel filters for low filter velocity and high dust holding capacity.

Available Models. The wide selection of downdraft tables and benches offered by Airflow Systems Northwest includes the DTH Series of Cartridge Filter Downdraft Tables, Hydrotron Wet Collector Downdraft Tables, Easy Bench Panel Filter Downdraft Tables, and Benchtron “Super Bench” Downdraft Benches — cartridge filter downdraft stations with regain air, in single or double (back-to-back) configurations.

Uses. Broadly versatile for multi-task operations, conventional downdraft tables effectively filter many types of dust, including wood, composites, fiberglass, marble, plastic, carbon, ceramic, and steel from industrial processes such as grinding and sanding. Downdraft tables are also widely used for smoke and fumes from welding and soldering. Wet collector downdraft tables safely and effectively filter aluminum, titanium, and other potentially hazardous or explosive dust.

Containment Booths

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Containment Booth

Maximum Control. Dust booths provide the double benefit of collection and containment: they remove the airborne dust, smoke, and fume from worker breathing zones within the booth, while at the same time preventing the contaminants from migrating throughout the plant facility.

Features. The Airflow Systems DCB Series is an expandable dust control booth constructed of one or more PowerBooth modules. Each module is a complete dust collection system, with 6 cartridge filters, an extra-large inlet grille, a 5HP direct-drive blower, the Vibra-Pulse self-cleaning system, and ample dust drawers, all packed into a compact 2’ x 4’ footprint. The DCB Dust Control Booths are also equipped with double-insulated sound control panels and dust-resistant light fixtures.

Available Models. In addition to the versatile cartridge dust collection booth, Airflow Systems Northwest offers booths with two additional filter systems: our Panel Filter Booth is a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for moderate dust-loading applications such as light sanding, buffing and polishing, and the Hydrotron HPB Series features an integral wet collector (water filter) for potentially hazardous or volatile contaminants such as aluminum and titanium dust.

Uses. Dust booths by Airflow Systems Northwest control dust, smoke, and fume from a wide range of industrial processes, including welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, machining, surface finishing, powder coating, and metal working.

Industrial Vacuums

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Industrial Vacuum

Powerful and Reliable. The Airflow Systems V Series of high-vacuum industrial dust collectors provides high-powered source capture dust collection of contaminants from single or multiple work stations.

Features. With up to 10 HP, air flow capacities to 510 CFM, and vacuum to 100-inches H2O, the V Series dust collectors are powerful enough to handle dust, smoke, and fume collection even with long cable runs common in MIG welding, finish grinding, and solder applications. The Airflow Systems cabinet design gives the V Series dust collection system the lowest noise level available at 74 dBA. Options include multi-stage filtration, HEPA after-filters, and cartridge filters with the exceptional Vibra-pulse continuous self-cleaning system.

Available Models. The V Series includes units with 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 HP and up to 510 CFM.

Uses. High vacuum systems from Airflow Systems Northwest are utilized for a wide range of operations, including sanding, grinding, welding, and soldering.