Extraction Arms

Features & Advantages

Extraction Arm

Making the Work Easier. The Airflow Systems E-Z Arm High Flow Extractor not only increases worker comfort and visibility through effective source capture, it also is easy to operate.

Features. Because of its patented friction release pawl-and-sprocket design, the E-Z Arm stays in place when positioned, yet yields smoothly without resistance when moved.

With its flexible mechanism mounted on the outside, the E-Z Arm provides obstruction-free air flow. The hose is made of specially designed thermoplastic rubber matrix, wire-reinforced for strength and flexibility with a high resistance to weld sparks and grinding embers. When not being used, our extractor arms fold compactly out of the way.

Available Models. Extractor arms offered by Airflow Systems Northwest include:

  • E-Z Arm (13-inch hood diameter)
  • E-Z Arm II (8-in hood diameter)
  • E-Z Arm 2.5 (4.75-inch hood diameter)
  • Telescoping Collection Arm

E-Z Arm High-Flow Extractors and E-Z Arm II Extractors are also available in stainless steel for resistance to chemical solvents and other corrosive materials.

Standard arm lengths vary from 4’ to 14’, and where additional reach is needed, the E-Z Arm and E-Z Arm II have available optional extension boom kits.

Uses. E-Z Arm High Flow Extractors provide effective source capture not only for smoke and fume from welding and soldering, but also for dust, smoke, fume and mist from a broad range of industrial processes and environments, including grinding, mixing operations, brazing, machining, chemical labs, and pharmaceutical labs.