Mist Collectors

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Mist Collector

A Clear Advantage for the Machine Shop. Effectively clearing the air in the shop is only one benefit of our high-efficiency mist collectors. The Mist-Pak Series of Collectors from Airflow Systems Northwest captures oil mists, water-based mists and dry contaminants with minimal maintenance needs and a low cost of operation, plus the effective coolant recovery represents an additional cost savings.

Features. The Airflow Systems Mist-Pak Series utilizes a multi-stage filter system that maintains more than 95% efficiency, providing a long filter life of up to two years with continuous operation. The small footprint eases machine- or wall-mounting, and minimizes floor space for central units.

Available Models. Our line of mist collectors provides capacities from 400 to 12000 CFM, including units suitable for direct mounting on machines, as well as central units that may be ducted to multiple machining centers.

Uses. Airflow Systems Northwest provides mist collectors for a variety of industrial operations, including machining centers, CNC machines, surface grinders, wire drawing, stamping presses, screw machines, and roll mill operations.