Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Hose Systems

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Single Hose System

Accessible and Easy-to-Use. By simply snapping the hose connector onto the tailpipe, workers may easily remove harmful vehicle exhaust fumes from the maintenance facility. Our single and dual hose systems are designed for easy mounting on wall or ceiling, and the standard spring-loaded hose balancers keep hoses off the floor and provide for easy handling, maneuverability, and safe equipment storage.

Features and Options. Single and dual hose systems are available in standard 3 inch by 30 foot heavy-duty exhaust hose, as well as 4.5 inch hose and 6 inch hose. Optional tailpipe connectors provide secure fit for various types of vehicle needs. Optional boom arm extensions also offer convenient hose positioning, maneuverability, and storage.

Retractable Hose Reels

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Retractable Hose Reel

Compact and Convenient. Our retractable hose reel system is simple to install, provides ready access, and conveniently stores the hose out of the way when not in use. The system also easily mounts to walls or ceilings and meets virtually any facility design installation requirements.

Features and Options. The Airflow Systems V.E.S. Retractable Hose
Reel comes with either a 3, 4.5, or 6 inch Hose and Tailpipe or Truck Stack Connector. Optional tailpipe and stack connectors are available to fit a broad range of vehicles.

Portable Exhaust Removal

Features & Advantages

Airflow Systems Portable Exhaust Removal Unit

Vehicle Exhaust Removal Wherever You Need It. For exhaust collection applications where stationary systems cannot reach, the Airflow Systems V.E.S. Portable Collection System provides convenient, portable exhaust collection anywhere in the facility.

Features and Options. Our V.E.S. Portable Collection System includes
stand and wheels, permitting easy, one-person maneuverability throughout a facility. The system provides 225 CFM of collection power and operates with standard 115V power. The standard portable system comes with the 3 inch Standard Tailpipe Connector, 3 inch by 30 foot hose, 6 inch by 8 foot outlet hose, and a 24 foot, 12 gauge power cord; we also offer a system with 4.5 inch by 25 foot hose, and a 4.5 inch oval Tailpipe Connector.