Wet Collectors

Features & Advantages

Wet Collector

Safe Collection of Combustible or Explosive Dust. Hydrotron wet dust collectors available from Airflow Systems Northwest are specifically designed for the collection of potentially explosive or volatile materials and are effective in the capture of fine metal particles. The Hydrotron meets the National Fire Protection Association guidelines for processing and finishing aluminum, and also complies with OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust removal systems located inside buildings. Hydrotron wet collectors have the added benefit of recirculating in-plant, tempered air, thus conserving energy.

Features. Hydrotrons utilize a water filter system, in which a heavy, turbulent water curtain separates dust particles from the air stream. The dust settles as sludge at the bottom of the collector, and the water is reused. The automatic fill system is controlled by a pressure sensor system that is unaffected by debris in the water. Optional drag-type sludge conveyors are available for heavy dust loading operations.

Available Models. The Hydrotron is available as a ducted collector, a downdraft table in single or double (back-to-back) configurations, and a dust control booth. Hydrotron wet dust collectors are also offered in all-stainless-steel construction, and may be custom built with optional dimensions and features to meet special needs.

Uses. Industrial processes utilizing dust collectors include grinding, buffing, and polishing on aluminum, titanium, and other metals that produce combustible or explosive dust, as well as operations that create heavy sparks, such as the cutting, grinding, and air arcing of various types of steel.