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Replacement Filters

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Replacement Filters

Ask Us For All Your Needs. Airflow Systems Northwest provides high-quality, long-lasting replacement filters for most dust collector and air cleaner brands. We keep in stock a wide range of filters, and OEM filters are available directly from the factory warehouses. Call or email us with your part number and/or description.

Need help with servicing your equipment? Our experienced service technicians are trained and equipped to service and maintain most types of air cleaners and dust collectors.

Types and Brands. We stock or supply cartridge filters, poly pads, pleated filters, multi-pockets, aluminum mesh, micro-glass bags, cartridge filters, charcoal filters, and ASHRAE, DOP and HEPA filters.

Airflow Systems Northwest offers field service and replacement filters for most brands of equipment, including those listed below.* In addition, please ask us about any other filters or replacement parts.

  • Airflow Systems
  • Aercology
  • Air King
  • American Air Filter (AAF)
  • Austin Air
  • Carter/Day
  • DCE
  • Dust Hog
  • Farr
  • Filter 1
  • Honeywell
  • Industrial Maid
  • Micro Air
  • Murphy-Rodgers
  • Plymovent
  • Smog Hog
  • Smokeeter
  • Sternvent
  • Torit/Donaldson
  • United Air Specialists
  • Trion
  • *All names are trademarked by their respective owners.

Fans & Blowers

Features & Advantages

The Right Fan for the Job. Airflow Systems Northwest offers a broad range of industrial fans and blowers, and we can assist you in making fan selections for optimal performance and efficiency, ranging from low pressure, very high volume fans with high energy efficiency to applications with high pressure requirements.

Complete Selection. Airflow Systems Northwest supplies and provides installation as needed of the following types of fans:

  • Backward-inclined centrifugal, radial tip and radial bladed fans with rugged steel wheels for conveying dust, smoke, fumes, including high heat applications
  • Airfoil bladed centrifugal fans for supply air and clean air exhaust systems
  • Axial bladed fans for use in variable HVAC systems and in light industrial applications such as fume exhaust.
  • Efficient wall mounted or free-standing exhaust fans to provide general ventilation for smoke, dust, odors or heat.

Explosion Protection Products

Features & Advantages

Reducing Fire and Explosion Risks. Many common industrial processes have the potential for a dust explosion. When combustible material is conveyed, filtered, heated, milled, or sprayed in a fine powdered form, the three elements of the ‘explosion triangle’ can combine: dust + air + ignition. An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, mist or dust when mixed with air during processing, handling or storage operations.

An explosion risk assessment will typically recommend that a series of protection measures be implemented, ranging from improvements in housekeeping to investment in protection equipment.

Protection Equipment. Helping to meet NFPA and OSHA standards and provide a safe working environment, Airflow Systems Northwest provides a complete range of protection products, including:

  • Explosion Vents
  • Pressure Sensors & Explosion Suppression Systems
  • Chemical & Mechanical Systems for Isolation of Interconnected Process Equipment
  • Spark Detection and Extinguishing Equipment